Glass door repair

Bear Glass Inc can recommend and install doors having many styles, colors and features to customize your entrance and fit your requirements. In addition, we can fix multiple problems that you may have with your existing door, including stopping your storefront door from slamming and getting it to close correctly or replace a cracked door glass. Bear Glass Inc specializes in Herculite glass and aluminum Doors which are the most common and the most aesthetically pleasing entrance doors used for retail and commercial businesses.

Mirror & Glass Walls

Bear Glass Inc installs, fabricates and designs glass projects large and small. Recently, glass has become a favorite building material among architects, engineers and contractors. From storefronts and mall facades and from the offices to the factory floor, glass is a multipurpose material that functions on many levels. It enhances ambiance, ergonomics and aestetics appeal. However from time to time glass needs to be replaced or upgraded for variety of reasons. The bottom line is that good glass solutions are great for business, but they need to be cared for. Just call Bear Glass Inc and let us help your business grow!

Storefront Construction

Just like in every other activity in your life, good first impressions of your business can help your business grow. Your storefront is usually the first thing that customers see when they enter your business and usually one of the only things they see when they pass by your business. As a result, storefronts, just like advertising signs, can attract customers. Since Bear Glass Inc inception, we have prided ourselves on our expertise in storefront design and manufacture. We provide great workmanship at a reasonable price and we are conscientious about adhering to all local building codes.